Hello, my name is Janis Hodgson, owner of JH FOREVER HEALTH. My philosophy is to be the best we can be at any age physically, emotionally and spiritually! As the sun rises each day, we can embrace that, live in the moment and breathe.


Our bodies are fascinating and designed by nature to heal itself; we can help this process along when we take our health both physically and mentaly into our own hands. I Through reflexology, ftiness and proper nutrition, JH FOREVER HEALTH can help you reduce stress, eliminate or decrese pain, and feel confident, happy and healthy for a life time. My goal is to give you a foundation of life changing healing and healthy habits that will ehance your life for a lifetime! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!

Helping you with …


Reflexology is an amazing natural therapy that helps boost the body’s healing systems and combats stress. Reflexology brings the body back to balance.

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Fitness Training

At JH Forever Health, fitness is focused on core strength, conditioning, and flexibility. With this foundation you can go to any level with your fitness goals!

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Nutrition Coaching

Proper nutrition is essential for a healthy body and mind. Learn how natural foods can change your life from balancing hormones to reducing anxiety to improving quality of sleep.

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Weight Loss

JH Forever Health creates the habit of lifestyle change, no diets, no cutting carbs. Weight loss is achieved through a change in your mind, you will lose weight in a healthy way, so you can live the rest of your life with the new you. Learn More