Helpful tips for Weightloss, Fitness and Stess reduction

Life is busy and stressful enough. With the current pandemic, life has slowed down but stress has not. I would like to share with you some useful tips for keeping things going with your goals!

Weight Loss…If you are finding it difficult to keep up your weight loss goals due to stess, emotional eating, or falling back into habits, dont be hard on yourself as everyday is new day. I hope this information helps you. Increase your water consuspmtion. Water can prevent over eating when consumed before a meal. Try and reduce consumption of highly processed foods. Instead , try sweet potatoe, steel cut oats, 12 grain bread, all of these are complex carbs which will take longer to breakdown in the body, leaving a steady steam of energy, less sugar highs. Try eating a handful of nuts, natural and unsalted if possible. The fats from nuts are very healthy and although they are higher in calorie count, they are not associated with weight gain. When eating fruit try berries, they are low in sugar and high in fiber, both excellent in weight loss. Of course I always recommend whole food based diet with portion control for weight loss. I hope these tips help! More tips to come…

For exercise, if you cant find the energy to keep up during the pandemic or lose motivation, please read the following as it is so important now to keep it up and dont give up! Daily exercise is important to keep your body strong, maintain circulation for blood and oxgen through out your body an to keep a postivie mind frame. A strong heart will help to lower blood pressure and reduce risk of heart disease. Exercise will help to stenghten the immune system. If you are exercising at home try and do 45 minutes every day. Make sure you warm up first and cool down at the end. Do not over exert. The following is a workout you can do from home with out weights. Always remember to breathe, engage your core and rest in between sets for about a minute, depending on your fitness level. Do each of the following exercies with reps of 15-25. 4 sets of each exercise. Do a 5 min. warm up light warmup of gentle jogging on the spot.

SQUATS. Make sure you sit your glutes back as if you are going to sit it a chair. Try not to have your knees over your toes. Inhale down, exhale up.

LUNGES: Do walking lunges, 15-25 on each leg. Make sure you engage your glutes, quads and hamstrings. When coming up, push off the heal. Inhale going in the lunge, exhale coming up.

SUPERMAN: lay on your stomach, eyes always facing the floor, hands in front as if you were flying. Lift your chest and hips and legs off the ground and pause for 1 second then lower.

PLANK: hold for 30 sesc to 1 min. record your time and try and beat is next time.

PUSH UPS: You can do these on your knees if its difficult the standard way.


Tips on how to reduce stess! Stretching is a great way to reduce stess. It gets the oxgyen circulating though the body. Try meditation. Meditation is focused attention. you can do traditonal meditation or listen to some calming music and focus on your breathe, follow in the inhale and exhale. I love listening to the sound of rain when I meditate. Go for a long walk, it can help lower anxiety levels. Keep things you can control in front of you. Dont worry about too much into the future, try and stay present.

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